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Xpect Vision RVG

Xpect Vision RVG

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the trailblazer in dental technology! We proudly present the world's inaugural "Photon Counting Intraoral Sensor," a groundbreaking innovation poised to revolutionize the realm of intraoral sensors. Unlike existing technologies, our sensor surpasses expectations by delivering unparalleled information.

With a robust portfolio boasting 150+ PCT and 500+ national patents, Xpect Vision stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Our patents cover a spectrum of profound underlying technologies, ranging from semiconductor devices to integrated semiconductors, processing, and microelectronics packaging. As a pioneer in the field, we manufacture diverse detectors, applying our innovative technology across various sectors such as medical, industrial, laboratory, and more.

Setting new standards in clinical CT, our photon-counting technology represents an emerging paradigm. Xpect Vision proudly introduces the first sensor to incorporate this advanced technology into dentistry. Experience direct imaging, free from the interference of light scattering encountered in conventional indirect imaging. This ensures unparalleled image acquisition stability, elevating the precision and reliability of dental diagnostics.

Explore our website to discover the future of dental technology. Witness the transformative power of photon counting as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence. Xpect Vision - Shaping the Future of Dentistry.

Key Highlights

  • Works on PHOTON COUNTING DETECTION principle
  • 5,00,000+ times of images taken, no quality degradation
  • Direct imaging innovation delivers image within 3 seconds
  • Lower X-Ray dose due to less layers
  • X-ray imaging directly without conversion to visible light
  • No harsh environment requirements, longer service life
  • High strength durable cable passed 1 Lakh+ cable bending test
  • Ingress protection test passed (IP 68)
  • Reinforced cable which makes it durable
  • User friendly software with reporting feature available
  • Water proof


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