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Woodpecker DTE O-Light Plus Digital LED Curing Unit

Woodpecker DTE O-Light Plus Digital LED Curing Unit

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  • High precision, high intensity focussed light output containing new style photo-initiator TPO for more concentrated energy for effective polymerization of resin materials 
  • The upgraded light intensity makes it suitable for curing of composites in orthodontic brackets, post & core, veneers, etc. in just 1 sec (1 Sec Curing Capacity)
  • Upgraded wave band from single blue light to blue-violet light for curing of all light-activated resin materials including light-colored resins & bleached resins.
  • Anti-shock metal head which is impossible to crack or deform with a large capacity lithium battery of CB Certification that doesn't explode
  • Compact, stylish & fluid design for better hand feeling & comfortable while working to prevent hand fatigue.
  • Standard size Light hood that prevents direct exposure of light to the eye of the practitioner & prevents macular degeneration
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