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Shofu Super Snap Mini Kit CA

Shofu Super Snap Mini Kit CA

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  • The unmounted Super-Snap Disks are designed with soft, safe plastic snap-on mounts for mandrels.
  • Non-metal centre to prevent gouging or discolouration of composite surfaces.
  • Improved mandrel design with christmas tree shaped mount for retention and maximum control.
  • Mini disks provide perfect control when polishing cervical areas.
  • Super-Snap metal mandrel is autoclavable.
  • Disks are available in 4 different colour coded grits in 12mm & 8mm diameter:
  • Black - for Contouring
  • Violet - for finishing
  • Green - for polishing
  • Red - for Superpolishing

Super-Snap sets the industry standard for finishing and polishing anterior composite
restorations. Available in two diameters, simply go from the coarse grit to the fine grit
in order to achieve a glossy finish. Even better, Super-Snap is 30% less expensive than the leading brand’s disc polishing system.

Super-Snap is designed for easy, fast and safe contouring, finishing and polishing of all microfilled and hybrid composites. Super-Snap Singles are disposable single patient use packages.

Designed as an introductory kit with all the colour coded grits (Black, Violet, Green, Red) in 12 mm and 8 mm diameter.

Most major competitors feature a metal ring attachment system, which may damage the surface of a newly placed restoration. Super-Snap’s superior design offers a completely flat polishing surface that will never harm a restoration, while also providing more surface area for faster polishing.

  • Elastic silicone shank mount for easy placement of the disk onto the mandrel
  • Manufactured without a metal center
  • Very flexible, ultra-thin disks allow easy access to inter-proximal areas
  • Two sizes – four grits (silicon carbide and aluminum oxide)


  • Finishing and polishing of all types of direct aesthetic resin materials


  • Maximum permissible rotation speed - 15,000 min
  • Water spray - No
  • Disposable Discs with autoclavable madrel


Super-Snap Mini Kit (48 pcs) :-

BLACK (Coarse) for Contouring

  • 8 x L506 Safe side down
  • 4 x L507 Safe side down, Mini

VIOLET (Medium) for Finishing

  • 4 x L508 Safe side down
  • 4 x L528 Double sided
  • 4 x L522 Double sided, Mini 

GREEN (Fine) for Polishing

  • 8 x L501 Double sided
  • 4 x L519 Double sided, Mini 

RED (Superfine) for Superpolishing

  • 8 x L502 Double sided
  • 4 x L521 Double sided, Mini

1 x Super-Snap CA Mandrel 0439 

1 x CompoSite Fine Point CA 0298 (Midi)


  • Mount the disk securely on the dedicated Super-Snap mandrel.
  • Insert the shank completely into the chuck of the handpiece (micro motor), following the manufacturer’s instruction. Perform test run to check safety and smooth operation without run-out prior to use.
  • Apply uniform, steady pressure for finishing and feather light pressure for polishing. Unidirectional movement of the disks prevents formation of secondary scratches and a visible step at the restoration-tooth junction.
  • Follow the recommended finishing and polishing sequence with the color coded disks for the best results. Reducing or skipping the recommended steps may compromise the quality of the final polish. Use saliva ejector or suction to eliminate moisture and debris during the procedure. Use protective mask and eyewear while using the product. Avoid exceeding maximum permissible speed (15,000 rpm) for each abrasive.
  • Clean the debris from restoration surface after each finishing/polishing step.
  • After using dedicated metal mandrel, remove any contaminants immediately, disinfect and sterilize. Dispose the Super-Snap Disks after each use.
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