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Shofu P & R Repair Kit

Shofu P & R Repair Kit

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A versatile light-cure bonding system that can be used clinically for the repair of fractured ceramic or indirect composite restorations intra-orally even when the metal is exposed and for chairside adjustment or in the laboratory for fabrication and repair of prosthesis with a strong bond to Metal, Porcelain and Resin materials

Simple and easy procedure

 Short working time

Transparent and thin bonding layer (non-sticky, spreads to a thin and even layer)

 High bonding strength and durability

 The strong bond between resin and metal prevents marginal leakage, erosion and staining

 Consists of 3 Components:

 ML Primer

– A single bottle metal link primer designed to enhance the bond between resin materials and a wide variety of metal alloys
– Offers a simple, easy application technique and a short application time of just 10 sec

 CeraResin Bond (CRB 1)

– Acts as a silane coupling agent to prime feldspathic porcelain or indirect resin restoration


CeraResin Bond (CRB 2)
– A bonding agent that creates a strong and durable bond even with a thin and transparent bonding layer
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