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Shofu Hy-Bond CX-Smart

Shofu Hy-Bond CX-Smart

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HY-BOND GLASIONOMER CX-Smart is a glass ionomer cement for permanent cementation of cast metal and porcelain fused to metal crown and bridge restorations as well as metal orthodontic appliances.
Hy-Bond Glasionomer CX-Smart is a truly biocompatible contemporary luting glass ionomer that guarantees reliable cementation for lasting restorations. Both the glass and liquid polymer components in the CX-Smart formulation have been modified to enhance the working and handling properties for an easier, cleaner application.
DURABLE RESTORATIONS - Hy-bond CX-Smart exhibits a robust matrix that resists crack propagation and greater acid resistance for long-term stability
SMARTER & EFFICIENT WORK FLOW - A polyvalent acrylic-tricarboxylic acid co-polymer formulation imparts ideal thixotropicity, so the cement easily flows under pressure to a uniform film thickness for a perfect fit.
  • Cementation of crowns, bridges and inlays
  • Cementation of orthodontic (metal) brackets and bands
  • POWDER: Fluoroaluminosilicate glass, HY agent, Pigments
  • LIQUID: Acrylic acid tricarboxylic acid co-polymer solution, Tartaric acid, water


  • Store at room temperature (1-30 °C). Avoid high temperature and high humidity. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Clinical Time : Setting time after end of mixing stipulated in ISO 9917-1 is 2’30’’

Mixing time (23 ºC / 73 ºF) : 30’’ 

Working time (23 ºC / 73 ºF) : 2’ 00” From start of mixing

Setting time (37 ºC / 99 ºF) : 2’ 30” From end of mixing

Removal of set cement (rubbery consistency) : 1’ 30” After seating restoration



Cleaning of cavity and abutment tooth : Thoroughly remove the temporary material. Rinse with water and dry following the standard method.


Isolation : Use a rubber dam etc to isolate the treatment area.


Try-in and preparation of a restoration : Try-in the restoration to confirm fit and adjust occlusion.Then, clean the adhesive surface of the restoration.


Pulp protection : In case of close proximity to the pulp, cap with calcium hydroxide etc.

STEP 5: 

Dispensing of Powder and Liquid : Dispense 1 scoop of Powder and 2 drops of Liquid, separately.

-Standard Powder to Liquid ratio is 2.0 g : 1.0 g
-Gently shake the powder bottle to loosen the powder before dispensing. Always use the measuring scoop provided and level off the powder for accurate dosage.
-Invert the liquid bottle prior to use to dispense drops of bubble-free liquid. The nozzle tip should not contact the mixing pad.
-Remove any liquid remaining around the tip of the nozzle with a wet gauze etc. for accurate measuring.
-Tightly close the bottle caps (powder and liquid) immediately after each use. Use extra caution to protect the powder against any possible moisture contamination.


Mixing : Mix Powder and Liquid evenly with a plastic spatula within 30 sec.

Mixing time (23 °C) 30”  
Working time (23 °C) 2’00” From start of mixing
Setting time (37 °C) Approx. 2’30” After seating the restoration in patient’s mouth

-In cases ambient temperature is higher than 23 °C,working time will be shortened, and if the temperature is lower than 23 °C, working time will be elongated.
-Do not add extra liquid while mixing to prevent degradation of the material properties.
-Do not mix powder or liquid with components of other glass polyalkenoate cements.


Placement of the restoration : Apply the cement mixture evenly on the restoration surface to be cemented. Seat the restoration onto the cavity or abutment tooth. Hold in place with moderate pressure until the cement sets. Standard setting time is approximately 2’30” after placing the restoration.

-Avoid contamination of the restoration surface to be cemented. If the surface is contaminated by saliva or blood, thoroughly clean the surface with an alcohol moistened cotton ball.


Removal of excess cement : Remove excess cement with an instrument after it exhibits rubber consistency (1 min. - 2 min. after placing the restoration in patient’s mouth).

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