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Shofu Composite Finishing Kit

Shofu Composite Finishing Kit

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  • Dura-Green silicon carbide stones for adjusting
  • Dura-White aluminum oxide stones for fine finishing
  • Contra-Angle and Friction-Grip kits
  • Your choice of a sterilizable bur block or plastic kit
  • Fine & smooth finisher & polishers
  • Ideal to be used for finishing & polishing of composite restorations and GIC
  • High durable abrasives
  • Cost effective
  • Vibration free performance

The kit comprises of an assortment of abrasive stones that are designed for contouring and finishing aesthetic restorations. Designed for finishing interproximal and subgingival composite fillings.

Kits Available - Both CA (Contra-angle) and FG( Fine Grip-Airotor)


Rotation Speed
Maximum Permissible
Rotation Speed
Dura-Green Stones 5,000 – 20,000 min-1 30,000 min-1 3 – 5 N
Dura-White Stones 5,000 – 20,000 min-1 30,000 min-1 2 N


Dura-Green Stones
- 3 each CN1, FL2 – For Adjusting

Dura-White Stones
- 3 each CN1, FL2 – For Finishing

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