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Shofu CeraResin Bond Set

Shofu CeraResin Bond Set

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CERARESIN BOND is a light-curing bonding system for repairs of fractured dental ceramic or resin restorations (prostheses) using resin material.

Consisting of two articles, BOND I and BOND II, CERARESIN BOND is inte nded for intraoral and extraoral repairs of restorations (prostheses) in conjunction with C&B composite resin, direct filling composite resin or acrylic resin

A 2-Step light cure bonding system specifically designed to repair fractured porcelain or indirect composite resin restorations.


CERARESIN BOND is used as adhesive for:

  • Repairs of fractures in ceramic, direct or indirect composite resin restorations (pros- thesis) using direct or indirect composite resin (eg, repairs of facing crowns, veneers and implant superstructures)
  • Repairs of fractures in artificial teeth (porcelain, hard resin or acrylic resin teeth) using direct or indirect composite resin * Use M.L. Primer (sold separately) when the repair includes metal surface. (eg, repairs of metal-ceramic restorations)



Ethanol, Silane coupling agent and others


Acetone, 4-AET, UDMA, Polymerization initiator and others

  • 1 x 6ml CRB 1
  • 1 x 5mlCRB 2
  • 25  x Microbrushes each (Pink & Yellow)
  • Instructions
  • 5 x Dispo Dish
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