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Shofu Beautifil Flow Plus F03

Shofu Beautifil Flow Plus F03

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Beautifil Flow Plus is developed as a high strength flowable restorative to further enhance applications in direct cosmetic dentistry and is represented in discrete viscosities: F03 (moderate viscosity). A unique balance of the resin matrix and filler complex imparts superior mechanical properties for successful posterior as well as anterior applications.

Beautifil Flow PLUS F03 (medium viscosity) has moderate flow to restore pits, gingival boxes, for surface modification and to apply as a base.

Features exceptional strength, optimal handling characteristics, predictable life-like aesthetics with an excellent shade match and superior polish for a durable clinical performance.

The specially designed syringe comes with a “flow on command” delivery with a secure pull back mechanism to ensure efficient and hygienic application without any wastage.

Continuous fluoride protection and unique anti-plaque effect helps provide resistance to bacterial colonization

Available in a spectrum of basic as well as additional bleach white (BW), enamel (INC) and effect shades for individualized aesthetics.
Box of 2.2 gm syringe & needle tips x 5
Refills (2.2 gm):
F03 (Shades) – A0.5, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A2O, A3O, INC, BW, MI, CV
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