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Shofu AZ Primer

Shofu AZ Primer

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AZ Primer is a priming agent designed to treat the surfaces of alumina-based or zirconia-based restorations to enhance bond to resin materials. AZ Primer can be used intraorally and extraorally.

A unique innovation specifically created to provide a stable and dependable bond with all-ceramic zirconia and alumina restorations.

The novel 6-MPHA monomers in Shofu AZ Primer secures permanent anchorage to the all ceramic bonding surface and ensure long term clinical success.The 6-MHPA monomer, specially adapted for high-performance porcelains, anchors itself permanently to the restoration and thus is superior to other bonding systems, especially “all-in-one” products.

The primer can be applied intraorally and always ensures excellent bond strengths when used in combination with the light-cured opaque pastes of the SHOFU Universal Opaque system.


  • Bonding resin to alumina or zirconia restorations
  • Cementation of restoration with adhesive resin cement
  • Repair of fractured restorations using composite resin


Acetone, Phosphonic acid monomer, Thioctic acid monomer


Store at room temperature (1-30 °C/34-86 °F). Keep away from direct sunlight and any source of ignition.


1. Pretreatment of the restoration surface

  • Extraoral use

Sandblast the adhesive surface of zirconia-based or alumina-based restoration with 50-100 μm aluminum oxide at approx. 0.2-0.3 MPa/2-3 bar. Then, perform ultrasonic cleaning and dry with clean air. Sandblast can be replaced by roughing the surface with a suitable abrasive (eg. diamond bur etc).

  • Intraoral use

Place rubber dam and avoid direct contact with oral tissue. Roughen the adhesive surface by using a dental abrasive (eg. diamond bur etc), rinse with water and dry with clean air.

2. Application of AZ Primer

Dispense adequate amount of AZ Primer on a dish. Apply to the entire adhesive surface in one layer with a disposable brush. Leave it undisturbed for 10 sec. and dry naturally.

3. Bonding to resin material

Bond resin material according to the instructions for use of each product.

Notes :

  • Do not mix with any other primers or bonding systems.
  • Tightly close the cap after each use as this product contains volatile components. Use all the dispensed material promptly.
  • Use saliva ejector or suction during the procedure.
  • Avoid contamination of the restoration surface to be bonded. If the surface is contaminated by saliva or blood, thoroughly clean the surface with an alcohol moistened cotton ball. Then, dry and reapply the material.
  • Use all the dispensed material promptly on one patient.
  • Do not reuse disposable brushes to avoid cross-contamination.
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