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Shofu Acrylic Contouring And Finishing Kit

Shofu Acrylic Contouring And Finishing Kit

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Designed for adjustment and polishing of acrylic dentures and appliances chairside or in the laboratory.

To adjust acrylic resins, use Robot Carbide Cutters or
1. AcryPoint Coarse (dark grey)
2. To finish, use AcryPoint Medium (Brown)
3. When polishing, use fine AcryPoints (light grey) to high-lustre polish acrylic.


  • Useful on domiciliary visits, at chairside in the surgery or laboratory, without the need or mess of a lathe.
  • Contouring and polishing appropriate for the material involved.
  • Co-ordinated and well-balanced instrument set.
  • Three polishing levels in the set.
  • Clean and fast polishing without additional polishing pastes.
  • Easy to use, convenient and efficient.
  • Comprehensive kit that can be used either chairside or in the laboratory for adjusting, fine finishing and polishing denture resin.
  • Recommended average speed for Acrypoints- 5,000 to 10,000 rpm.


  • AcryPoint : 15,000 min-1
  • Robot Carbide Cutter : 30,000 min-1

AcryPoint x 8 :

  • 2 x Coarse grit each BP1. PC2 - For Adjusting
  • 1 x Medium Grit each BP1. PC2 - For Finishing
  • 1 x Fine Grit each BP1. PC2 - For Polishing

Robot Carbide Burs for smooth and fast adjustment.

1 each : 0620. 0616. 0635. 0667

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