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Runyes Autoclave - Class B (FENG 23 ltr) with Water Distiller

Runyes Autoclave - Class B (FENG 23 ltr) with Water Distiller

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  • Front-loading autoclave with triple vacuum cycle
  • Double door lock system for prevention of any unwanted accidents by incorrect operations
  • B+ cycle for 100% sterilization of implant kits.
  • USB functions for data records that can store up to 2000 flash cycles.
  • Provision to connect an external printer (RS232 port) for data recording.
  • Best for all dental instruments e.g. unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, porous/non-porous instruments.
  • Pressure and Temperature Overload Protection for safety.
  • Single piece (SS304) stainless steel chamber without welding and keeps it rustproof.
  • Water quality sensor in the distilled water tank to prevent any damage to internal valves
  • Dual Radiator fans for faster cooling. 
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Conformitè Europëenne (CE) certified product.

Key Specification:- 

  •  Voltage - AC - 220 V+/-10%
  •  Frequency - 50/60Hz
  •  Wire Plug - GB 3 Cores/EN 3 Cores
  •  Max HP - 1800 VA
  •  Electric Current - 10A
  •  Physical Space - 23L
  •  Class - Class B Standard
  •  Sterilizing Temperature - 121°C, 134°C
  •  Dry Procedure - Strong vacuum drying
  •  Chamber Size - 249mm*450mm
  •  Weight - 50 KG
  • Drying Time Selection 1min & 5min (Default Time 15 min).


 Water distiller - 6 Month Manufacturing Warranty

  • The water level sensor in the water tanks provides easy operation.
  • Steam generator cleaning program to increase the efficiency of the autoclave and make it maintenance-free. 
  • Cooling the condenser in the wastewater tank to prevent any deformation of the tank.
  • Filter net in the bottom of the chamber to prevent clogging of the pipe.
  • The triple vacuum cycle assures effective decontamination.
  • Reduced full cycle time for the faster sterilization process.
  • Aluminum foil insulation cotton for better preservation of heat.
  • Stainless Steel Connectors protect the internal parts from corrosion. 

Runyes Feng 23L Autoclave Instructions:

  1. Plugin the power cable and switch on the power button.
  2. Open the water tank cover and pour distilled water into the tank till the red mark.
  3. Open the door of the chamber and place the tray rack.
  4. Place the wrapped instruments to be sterilized on the tray and place the trays on the tray rack.
  5. Close the door and fasten the handle.
  6. Choose the temperature, wrapped/unwrapped instruments, dry cycle time on the control panel, and switch the start button.
  7. After the sterilization cycle, “Ed” will be displayed on the screen and 3 beeps sound will come.
  8. Open the door; remove the sterilized items by the tray holder.
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