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NSK Endomotor - Endomate DT

NSK Endomotor - Endomate DT

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  • NSK Endomate DT is a highly reliable endodontic motor with an auto-reverse function and 6 head angle position of the handpiece for better accessibility.  
  • Push Type Ultra Miniature Head: attachment provides excellent visibility and access that helps the practitioner to completely focus on the patient and the procedure.
  • NSK Endomotor Endomate DT increases efficiency and accuracy in root canal treatment
  •  Quick Joint of Handpiece Head: The fast release mechanism makes simple head exchange possible. The compact head enables the treatment site to be very clear.
  • 6 Head Angle of the Handpiece Head: one can change the head angle to the optimal angle, depending on the location of the tooth on the treatment site
  • Foot Pedal: The On/Off function of the micromotor is regulated through the simple finger switch on the handpiece. There is an optional provision of foot control to meet the requirement of the dentist.
  • Flat Large LCD Display: Enhances visibility and allows for user-friendly operations.
  • Battery: Nickel-metal hydrate battery is rechargeable & durable.
  • MPAS/MPA Head: It can be connected with the MPAS head and Ipex II apex locator for the real-time display of files inside the canal and increase the precision in root canal treatment.
  • Handpiece Calibration: helps to decrease fluctuation in the rotation speed of the motor handpiece and the difference in torque by the contra-angle head.
  • Autoclavable Contra-Angle: It helps in maintaining hygiene in the clinic by preventing contamination. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: W92 * D148 * H124 mm
  • Weight: 456 gm
  • No of programs: 9
  • Gear Ratios: 20:1, 16:1, 10:1, 4:1, 1:1
  • Max Torque: 7 Ncm (20:1 gear ratio)
  • Charge / Continuous Use: 5 Hours / 2 Hours (Depending on workload)
  • Power Supply: AC 230V/ 50Hz or Battery
  • Max Speed: 100 – 13,000 rpm 
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