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Gnatus S300 H Dental Chair (Overhead & Down Delivery Unit)

Gnatus S300 H Dental Chair (Overhead & Down Delivery Unit)

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Gnatus S300 dental chair designed by Gnatus from Brazil to change your daily routine with new possibilities in the S series segment. The overhead delivery system design allows dentists to practice with ideal positions and reduces ergonomic changes brings peace of mind, increases productivity, and adds advancement in dental practice. The lifting system of Gnatus S300 driven by German. Designed BOSCH motor results in high performance of the dental unit to meet all clinical requirements.

The ergonomic design of Gnatus S300 makes it the first choice for 4 handed dentistry operators for easy operations along with patient comfort. Gnatus S300 proves itself as a reliable evolution of new technology concepts to create new possibilities in dentistry.

Key Highlights

  • Gnatus S300 Dental Chair with solid steel base powered by BOSCH motor coated with non-corrosive DuPont gives strength and increases the durability of the dental chair.
  •  An Anti-skid rubberized base with ABS engineering Plastic provides better stability and rust protection.
  •  Integrated multifunctional foot control increases clinical hygiene and makes easy operations in any working position.
  •  Seamless upholstery with lumbar support gives comfort to the patient.
  • Double articulated headrest for handicapped & pediatric patients with lever headlock system.
  •  Sensor-based Phillips 3 LED operating light with 30000 Lux with a proximity sensor to avoid cross-contamination.
  •  An ergonomically designed dentist’s console allows dentists to operate in ideal positions.
  • Gnatus S300 Dental Chair comes with a newly designed German Bosch Motor for smooth & jerk – free.
  • Anti – Skidding edging base with ABS injected engineering plastic covering provides steadiness.
  • Seamless upholstery with accentuated lumbar support gives comfort to the patient.
  • Proximity sensor-based spittoon water control.
  •  Left and Right handed dentistry options make it friendlier.
  • Integrated with Emergency Stop function to stop unexpected movements for long surgical.
  •  Phillips 3 LED sensor light with 30000 Lux intensity with proximity sensor to avoid the cross.

Foot Control:-

  •  Integrated joystick foot control for easy operations in any working position.
  •  Easy chair operations with 4 customized and 3 prefixed programs.
  • Dental Light activation makes Gnatus S300 Dental Chair more ergonomic.

Water Unit:-

  • Disinfectable and removable bowl for easy cleaning, rotating off with 90 degrees.
  • Cup filler with electrical activation command.
  • Featured with Proximity sensor –auto control the spittoon water.
  • Integrated with Low Vacuum and High Vacuum suction cannulas.

Dental Light:-

  •  Sensor-based Phillips 3 LED light with proximity sensor to keep every practice more hygiene.
  •  Easy control by hand and foot control as well.
  • Adjustable and autoclavable handles
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