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Genoray Portable X-ray

Genoray Portable X-ray

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Port X II device from Genoray brand, a South Korean firm, which specialises in X ray medical devices, and has emerged as a leader in digital dentistry throughout the world. Since its foundation in the year 2001, Genoray has received several awards and accolades including the ‘Design Tech Innovation Award’ and the ’30 Million Dollar Export Award’.

Genoray Portable X Ray Machine is a highly advanced digital X – ray companion that is preferred by dental professionals because of the safety (AERB Approved), comfort and customisation offered with its use. This non – invasive diagnostic imaging equipment has been specifically designed to reduce the radiation exposure of the patient.

Key Features:-

  • The Genoray Port X-II is a portable and wireless DC X – ray system having a high level of user – friendliness and comfort.
  • It generates high – quality images with a sharp digital display.
  • The portable X – ray system comes with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, which has a very long shelf life. It can take over 80 to 90 or even 100 to 120 shots on RVG, after the battery has been recharged once. So, you will need to recharge it only once in few days or even weeks.
  • It provides a digital radiograph that can be quickly and easily shared among peers for multi – disciplinary care offering higher treatment quality for the patient. 
  • It is a high safety product, which is internally coated with lead to prevent excessive exposure and dispersion of radiation. Thus, reducing health and safety hazards for you as well as the patient. 
  • It is a value addition for multi – chair clinics.
  • View of the intraoral anatomy of the patient assisting better treatment planning. 
  • It is compatible for use with both IOPA film and Radio-visio-graphy sensor, and can thus, be used for both adult and paediatric patients. 
  • It has a round type beam limiting device, which help you focus on the target tissue avoiding unnecessary exposure of the surrounding tissues. 
  • Further, it offers the patient and tooth selection mode for greater degree of customisation. 
  • It comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

Product Specifications :-

Tube Specifications

60kV/2mA Toshiba Tube

Exposure time needed

0.01 to 2.0 sec

Focal spot



Graphic LCD

Total filtration

1.8 mm Al

Charging time



Operational Instructions For Using Genoray X Ray 

The portable X ray system by Genoray can be simply used after being charged. It helps in meeting the ALARA principle for taking dental X rays. 

Content Of Packaging:-

  • X-ray Generator
  • Beam limiting device
  • Battery
  • Recharge unit
  • Staying necklace


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