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Genoray Portable Dental X-Ray Machine- Port XIII

Genoray Portable Dental X-Ray Machine- Port XIII

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The Genoray Portable Dental X-Ray Machine- Port XIII is a powerful and efficient dental imaging solution. With an adjustable output of up to 40mAs and 85kV, this device ensures sharp and clear images with every exposure. Its lightweight design combined with the easy-to-use control panel guarantee reliable and accurate results. Plus, its intuitive design makes it an ideal choice for professional use.

Key Highlights :-

Steady Seller: Highly regarded for its outstanding quality and cost-effectiveness, the Port X-III has consistently garnered a loyal customer base since its launch.

Excellent Shielding: Features 0.5T lead shielding, providing exceptional protection against X-ray scattering, safeguarding both users and patients.

Ease of Use: Boasts a preset exposure time, streamlining the imaging process to a mere three steps, enhancing user-friendliness and efficiency in clinical environments.

Slimmer Design: Offers a more compact and sleek form factor, making it easier to handle and transport, ideal for various clinical settings.

Smarter Technology: Integrates advanced technological features, ensuring smarter operation and improved diagnostic capabilities.

Superior Performance: Delivers superior radio logical performance, combining high-quality imaging with user safety and convenience. 


Specification :-


X-Ray Generator Type High Frequency Inverter
Power Output 180W
X-Ray Installations Tube Voltage 60 kV
Tube Current 2mA
Heat Capacity 8.5 KHU
X-Ray Tube Anode Type Stationary
Anode Angle 20°
Focal Spot 0.8mm
X-Ray Control Exposure Time Set 46 Steps (0.01 ~ 2.0 sec)
Power Requirement 22.2 VDC
Weight Main Body 2.35 kg
Accessory 0.6 kg
Dimensions Main Body 197 x 147 x 145 (mm)
Charger 100 x 65 x 35 (mm)
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