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Runyes Portable X-Ray & Carestream 5200 RVG

Runyes Portable X-Ray & Carestream 5200 RVG

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Super Combo Deal on advanced Runyes high-frequency portable X-Ray and Carestream 5200 RVG.

Carestream 5200 RVG:-

  • 3 modes (Perio, Endo, Dentino-enamel junction) pre-programmed in software allow the dentist easy optimization of image contrast.
  • HD quality image
  • 20% thinner for easy placement inside the patient's mouth
  • Tooth-brush type positioner
  • Fully water-proof and dust resistant
  • Maximum durability
  • Easy customization of images for improved accuracy in diagnosis.

Technical Specifications:-

  • True Image resolution - 16 lp/mm
  • Technology -  Super CMOS
  • Connection - USB 2.0 high speed
  • Outside dimension - 27.6 X 37.7 mm
  • Dimension of active area - 22.2 X 29.6 mm
  • Sensor plate thickness - 7.3mm

Runyes Portable X-Ray :-

  • Portable, Compact & Wireless DC X-Ray machine.
  • Imported micro-focus Canon tube from Japan aids in enhanced image quality.
  • Very lightweight device for easy single-handed operation.
  • It ensures safety with less radiation exposure.
  • A 0.4-second exposure time allows easy placement and a superior shooting result.
  • Simple and clear digital display for easy operation.
  • Imported circuit component from South Korea adopts high-frequency closed-loop control and provide high-quality image even with low battery power.
  • 150 X-Ray shots can be taken continuously when the battery is fully charged.
  • Useful for multiple chair clinical setup.

Runyes high-frequency portable DC x-ray machine is a compact & lightweight device, that ensures the safety of both dentist & patient by minimal radiation. It produces a clear, higher-quality image with a better shooting effect through an inbuilt Canon tube and a shorter exposure time.


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