Privacy policy


We have the following privacy policies enlisted to keep an eye on the privacy of the customer’s details and the company’s privacy laws as well. This is just to give our customers a secure transaction and to keep their information safe within the company. 

We may change the policies according to the company’s needs. We request all our customers to visit and go through the policies frequently. When the customer is visiting our website, it means they are agreeing to all the terms and conditions that we state in our privacy policy and we expect them to follow it strictly as we imply them on everything that we do. In case there is some kind of issue either the customer may contact our customer care services or may choose not to use the website. 

1. Individual information

  1. We may take a few of your personal details to give you a smooth and customized experience while using the website with more features and services.
  2. Once the customer provides us the necessary details, we try to help them by suggesting and indicating the fields that could be useful for them.
  3. We can track a few of the information like from which website or medium the customer landed on our website, customer’s IP address and their activities on the website as well.   
  4. We use “Cookies”, to give the most recent information like the latest updates and offers. “Cookies” may save a few of the information like the customer’s behavior on the website and track them as well. It is completely the customer’s decision whether to accept or reject the “cookies”.
  5. Some of our third parties also use “cookies” which the customer may encounter on different websites. We are not responsible for those “cookies” as we do not have access to control them.
  6. We may ask for various personal information like bank details such as card number, account number, and other details to track information for cheques and money orders.
  7. We also seek personal information like address, contact details, mail id, when the customer creates an account with the company or make any purchases from us. 
  8. We would love to hear from you, the customer may drop a message on the chatbox or mail us or call us and may give us feedback putting up their points and their experience which would help us in making improvements on the website.
  9. We use our customer’s mobile number to intimate them with the latest offers and information with concern to their orders. 
  10. Vitalticks has links with other websites as well which may seek an individual’s information, we are not responsible for any inconvenience in that case.

2. Profile Data:

  1. We may use the profile data to give better services to the customers like resolving issues, collect money, give information regarding orders, offers, and cautious information to avoid fraud. 
  2. We collect or track information to give better services and improve the process for which we would need various demographic and profile data of users. At times it would include the IP address to track and make changes or gain knowledge about the respective demographic region.
  3. We may run a few surveys for our improvement for which we would ask our customers to help us with the survey. It sometimes may ask for their personal information, profile information and demographic information such as location and Pincode.
  4. The company shall put both temporary and permanent cookies in order to remember the customers. However, there is no information stored in cookies. 
  5. As we have the transactional details of our customers, we do not intend to use it.

3. General Information:

  1. We do not share our customer details to our third parties with the consent of the customers. We share the customer’s information for the aggregate basis to our advertisers.
  2. In case, the customer wants to cut off all the deals with include promotional emails or SMS they can unsubscribe and remove all the contact information from VitalTicks account.