Cancellation and Returns


The following statements strictly represent our cancellation and return policies, we strictly follow and imply them when there is any return or exchange or refund initiated from our user. As all the products differ material-wise or instrument-wise, their policies may differ. 

Before making orders we request all the users to go through our policies in detail. 

  1. All the products should be returned within a span of 7 days from the day of delivery. 
  2. In case, there is any issue related to the product, the user is free to contact our customer service who would help them in solving the issue via. Call or mail.
  3. We do not accept any product if it is damaged, used, stained, or washed. 
  4. We shall not accept any product if it is damaged or unsealed. We request our customers to keep the packaging intact while returning. 
  5. Equipment like dental chairs, compressors, autoclaves, X-Rays, Endomotors & apex locators, ultrasonic cleaners and scalers, implant motors, or micromotors, light cure units, amalgamators, RVG sensors shall not be returned. In case the customer faces any kind of issue our service shall help them out with the issue. (Once the equipment is installed, the respective company shall take the responsibilities regarding the product issues.)
  6. Products such as cream or chin caps, gloves, face masks, or any product that comes directly in contact with the patients shall not be returned.
  7. Replacement of the product or equipment can be done if the product is damaged before delivery or if the product is out of order within the time of warranty. We may also repair the product by sending the technician to the desired location or some of the technical issues can be taken care of online help services. 
  8. If the product is specially procured by the company for you, the return shall not be initiated.
  9. Rectification charges may apply, in case we get a frequent request for rectifications.
  10. The refund for the product shall be initiated once the product reached our head office. 
  11. The refund shall go back in the same form as received. The refund shall be transferred to the same bank account if it is prepaid. If the order is COD, our customer care team shall reach out to you and ask for your bank details for the refund. 
  12. *The balance in some cases can be refunded back to you in the form of a coupon.
  13. Cancellation charges shall be applied to all return products. 
  14. In case of a bulk order, the customer can return individual products as well. (Note: Should not be used, damaged or unsealed)
  15. We do not have a return pick-up service, the customer has to send us the packages from their end. In case the product delivered by the company is wrong the return charges shall be borne by the company.