How to Choose Dental Chair for your Clinic?

Tips to Buy Dental Chair for  Clinic

Dental chair is a very essential and important equipment In Dental Clinic. Know more about dental chairs for new Clinic Set Up

Dental Chairs are Essential Equipments for Dental Clinics.

The first and the most important thing that your patients will notice at your clinic is a Dental Chair, which is probably placed in the center of the operatory. It is probably an essential and costliest investment in setting up your Dental Clinic. Two things will play major in your dental practice one is a dental chair, Another one is, of course, that’s you.

The level of importance given to the dental chair which plays a significant role in dental practice cannot be replaced by any other equipment, neither physically nor psychologically. Though its symbol of pain and torture which your patients think! As we saw in Mr. Bean’s movie, the new and advanced developments in the Dental Chair’s technology ensures that patients and Dentists could feel comfortable such that your patients can fall asleep while restoring the cavity!

Sounds good right??

But this transformation from discomfort to one of the most ergonomic design was initiated in the late 19th Century.

“Let’s take a small trip history of 1832 only if you make sure that you are not getting bored!”

The History of Reclining Dental Chairs.

The first-ever reclining Dental Chair was invented by Dr. James Snell in 1832. He was a Dentist in London and a member of the Royal College of Surgeon. The chair was made up of flesh velvet, upholstered seating, cast iron feet and separate rubber footrest that made it a fully adjustable Dental Chair. The quality of the chair indicated that clientele was wealthy enough to afford and could pay for dental services. However, the emerging Development in Dentistry is now identified as a separate profession.

Things to Consider before Buying Dental Chairs

The very important thing is evaluating the durability of chairs, it should at least last for the next 10 years. 10 years is a decent life for dental Chairs followed by small services, replacements. The built-up quality and reliability of control functions should withstand the test of time and provide are result are acceptable for an adequate duration.

Before buying let’s consider these components, which is categorized into three major categories :


2. Functionality 

3. Accessories 

Designing Component of Dental Chair

The component of the dental chair determines the comfort, ergonomic and aesthetic value of the dental Chair. The following points are aimed to help you with information that you need to consider while planning to buy a dental chair for your clinic.

While shopping for a dental chair, there are a few features that one can keep in mind. A dental chair needs to be comfortable both for the patient and for the dentist. One can check on the Stability of the chair and the supine position and the elevating power of the chair to the maximum. If the person doesn’t feel any swaying effect then the chair is stable.

Similarly, one can check on the baseplate of the chair, make sure the Baseplate has a matte finish so that it is resistant to scratches in the future. At the same time, keep in mind that the base plate will be exposed to the harsh chemicals that the dentist might use and the chair is not affected by it. 

The Movement of the dental chair plays a vital role as it is very necessary for both the dentist to easily access the chair and make the movement according to the requirement. Hydraulic Cylinder helps in a smoother movement of the dental chair. Make sure you inquire about the Hydraulic Cylinder well before you buy a dental chair.

The functionality of the dental chair may include the delivering unit, the control panel, chair position adjustment, chair movements, and foot control.

The Delivering Unit could be of two types, the Traditional Delivering Unit which usually moves only on either side of the dental chair gaining support from the hinge. It usually has 4 connection components, 2 for airotors, 1 for pneumatic or electric motor and one air/water syringe connection. 

The Continential Delivering Unit, these kinds of system offers unparalleled ergonomics. This helps the dentist to grab the handpiece without making it clumsy as it is placed on the top of the control head. This helps in avoiding unnecessary bending, twisting and eye strain. This delivery system helps in preventing the falling of handpieces and as the dentists get acquainted with the delivering unit it makes it is easy for the dentist to see it from the periphery without the requirement of much of the attention.

It is always better if the delivering unit is not restricted to any kind of movement. The smooth movements increase longevity and ensure maximum ergonomics.

The Control Panel generally includes the parameters to control the positioning of the chair, to manage the operating light intensity, the water spray control and to control the speed of the electric motor. The invention of new technologies has helped in implanting the feather touch technology in the control panel.  

Apart from all these aspects, the positioning of the chair matters as well. The positioning of the chair depends on the accessibility and the visibility of the dentist which is very important. The slightest shift in a few degrees of the chair could have a positive or negative impact on the patient’s treatment. However, the latest technologies have made it easy for dentists by installing memory into the dental chairs which help in maintaining the position of the chair.

It is necessary that the dental chair should be smooth in its movement and doesn’t shake or get imbalanced as it panics the patient who already must be having anxiety for his/her treatment.

The Foot Control is usually to manage the pressure of the compressed air that enters the airotor tube which causes the air turbine to rotate. The foot control is also used to bring the chair back to the zero/resting position. However, the joystick is also added to the dental chairs which helps in moving the chair to and fro, up and down. Few latest dental chairs have an additional two pedals, one to manage the pressure in the airotor and the other to handle the electric motor piece. 

The Accessories of the dental chair in no less important. It also plays an equal role than any other part of the dental chair. Accessories generally include the kind of lights used for operating. Traditional bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs are used in dentistry. The problem with the traditional bulb and halogen was, it emitted a lot of heat which affected both the patient and the dentist. Whereas the LEDs came out to be more effective in the case of lighting and did not emit heat as well as they are designed without filament. LEDs are more profitable as they consume less electricity and have a long lifespan as compared to the other bulbs. LEDs also help in focusing at a particular point which helps the dentist to focus the light where it is required without even having to move from his place. Dentists usually prefer unrestricted angular lightings which they can use at any angle they want. Dentists also prefer Cure Safe Setting i.e the blue wavelength removed from the spectrum of light that is emitted. It helps them while operating and also puts less strain on the eyes of the dentist. 

The Assistant Arm is the virtual helping hand for the dentist. It has the spittoon or the cuspidor made up of ceramic and is bowl-shaped (preferred). It also has the suction tube which is connected to the main suction unit. It is advised to remove the cuspidor while cleaning to clean it properly. 

The Assistant Arm also has two suction tubes that are connected to the main suction tube. One is the low vacuum suction which is connected to the saliva ejector and the other high vacuum suction that is connected to the main tube.

Various switches are also being introduced to the assistant arm for the betterment of the dentist, hence making it easy for them.

It is better if you buy a dental chair with an X-Ray viewer as it’s easy for the dentist to directly refer to the X-Ray Viewer rather than referring back to the table or holding it in hand along with another tube. 

Dental Chairs: Its prices | Latest features

A dental clinic is all about a dental chair that is comfortable for both the dentist and the patient. When you look forward to a dental chair there are specific criteria that you have to keep in mind. For a dentist, it is very necessary to be happy and comfortable in his/her clinic. When your dental clinic is all set up properly with each and every product, there’s no other happy place for a dentist.

When you talk about a dental chair it is very necessary to talk about its price and its features. 

The dental chairs cost may start from Rs. 50,000/- and may range up to Rs. 11,00,000/- only. The wide range of dental chairs with various types of technologies inbuilt with it hence giving innumerable options for dentists to find their suitable dental chair. 

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