Suction Unit

Suction Unit: Vacuum that heals

The suction unit of the dental chair is used to collect or evacuate the blood, saliva, and the fluids from the oral cavity to reduce the amount of spray and spatter formed. 


Importance of using Dental Suction Unit:

Suction Unit is one of the most important elements of the dental unit. It was 1961 when the usage of the dental suction unit came into the scene. The invention of a suction unit in the lab gave various advantages to the dentists. Inventions of the suction unit led to the treatment of patients horizontally instead of vertically. This also gave an upper hand to the ergonomics and hygiene of the patients.

Contribution of the Suction Unit in the lab is that it has reduced the contamination between the patient and the doctors through motors and aspiration systems.

Here are some of the following reasons which make using suction unit worth it:

  • It helps in protecting the airway during the dental procedure which requires the usage of anesthesia.
  • A suction unit enables a comfortable and smooth dental procedure by swiftly removing the excess saliva and secretions.
  • The dentists fear the risk of the patient’s choking during the dental procedure, so having a suction unit that swiftly draws the excessive moisture from the oral cavity gives reassurance to the dentist.
  • An appropriate suction unit could help in clearing the airway during the surgical procedures and prevents aspiration and choking.


Suction Unit: Its Variation & Its Advantages:

There are two variants of the Suction Unit i.e Wet Suction Unit and Dry Suction Unit.


In Dry Suction Unit allows only the dry air from the suction unit as the liquid and water are separated from the dental equipment by a centrifugal or decanting separator which is located inside the dental unit.


In the Wet Suction Unit, there is no such air-liquid separator inside the dental equipment. Air and water both are taken inside the suction unit. The working of the suction unit is in the dry state. In these units, there is an air-liquid separator that works more efficiently than the ones that are placed inside the equipment. It ensures no liquid reaches the motor.



Advantages of using Dry Suction Unit:

  1. These suction units give more consistency with vacuum flow due to variable motor speed.
  2. Dry Suction Units are electrically efficient and reduce the usage of electricity.
  3. Elimination of water used for suction helps in the reduction of water usage.
  4. Low maintenance.
  5. They have an amalgam/separator which helps in waste removal before reaching the motor.
  6. Reduces the chances of contamination.
  7. It can be placed at a higher level as compared to other dental equipment.




Advantages of using Wet Suction Unit:

  1. Wet Suction Units are pocket-friendly and are compact and portable.
  2. The wet suction units are less noisy as compared to others.
  3. The most important part of the aspiration is that it has to be cleaned and the maintenance has to be taken care of. It has to be cleaned with disinfectant to avoid unpleasant odor which could occur due to the clogging of the aspiration.
  4. The wet suction unit eliminates reverse flow and prevents potential contamination.
  5. The main focus of the wet suction unit is to prevent aspiration.



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