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Endo HyFlex Files have the best-combined properties of the file system innovation of dentistry that is the Rotary and the material it is made up of. Hyflex Files have the composition of Nickel and Titanium.


Hyflex Rotary Files works on the property of thermo-mechanical treatment. It retains its shape after bending. It has good superior canal tracking ability. It regains its shape after sterilization. These files are used to enlarge the canal to prepare it for irrigation and obturation in continuous rotation motion or if required in reciprocal motion as well. The files are available in different sizes depending on the tip size of the file. It also has colour codes to indicate the degree of the taper. The new NiTi heat-treated files are manufactured making it fracture-resistant and flexible. These files can be used multiple times and can be restored during autoclaving.


Hyflex Files are of various types:

Hyflex™ EDM NiTi Files -

These files belong to the 5th generation of the root canal files. In the process of making of Hyflex ™ EDM files, the surface material evaporates when the spark is generated. Hence, making the file stronger and fracture-resistant. These properties help in reducing the number of files required during the cleaning and shaping of the root canal treatment keeping the root canal anatomy intact.


Hyflex™ CM NiTi Files -

Hyflex™ Controlled Memory Files are manufactured in a process that controls the material’s memory. These are extremely flexible files, enabling the ability to follow the anatomy of the root canal very closely, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation. They can be bent and are very useful for the root canals with abrupt curvatures. This property of the file to reshape it according to the need of the curvature helps in root canal treatment plus it can be straightened by heat treatment. It also strengthens the file making it resistant to cyclical fatigue.


Hyflex™ GPF NiTi Files -

These files ensure the optimal shaping of the glide path due to the controlled memory.    


Hyflex™ NT NiTi Rotary Files -

These files are designed for specific clinical usage such as calcified canals, straight canals, retreatments and removing GP. They are available in two taper variation i.e 0.06 and 0.04 with 21mm, 25mm, and 31mm length.



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