H - Files

Hedstrom/H Files were designated by Buchanan and was introduced by Kerr Manufacturing in 1993. It is now being marketed in as ISO 15 to 40.



  • Non-cutting sides
  • Enhanced efficiency for filling and reaming
  • Spiral design
  • S cross-sectional shape
  • No removal of excess material from the outer wall



  • Firm Grasp

The peanut-shaped handles provide the best comfort to hold the file properly which enables dentists to work on the torturous and curved canals. The threaded eye can be used for additional protection.


  • High flexibility & break-proof

Highly flexible files generally resist breaking during the procedure.  They adapt to curved canals by eliminating the breakage while binding.


  • Extremely Sharp

The stainless steel body of the file helps efficient cutting and remain sharp throughout.


  • Sterilizable

The files can be sterilized without any fear of deformation as the handles are heatproof and can be autoclaved or dry heated.


  • Silicone stop

Silicone stop helps in saving time as it can be used as marking in the files.


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