GC Flexceed Putty

GC Flexceed Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material also known as putty used as impression material for accurate impressions. GC Flexceed replicates the tooth structure accurately and in detail for the crowns and bridges restoration.


GC Flexceed putty has lowest contact angle, it displaces the moisture and flows into the subgingival areas rather than flowing away to mucosal surfaces, hence increasing the efficiency of detailed impressions.


Advantages of GC Flexceed -

  • Flexceed Light Body and Flexceed Putty have been consistent in excelling in the accuracy of impression.
  • Better reproduction detail with two viscosities (Putty & Light Body)
  • Exhibits Pseudo-Plastic properties for precision
  • Superior tear strength
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Good hydrophilicity
  • Compatible with all gypsum products
  • Superior wetting characteristics which ensure that the gypsum working cast is hard with a smooth surface
  • Can be subjected to cold sterilization without compromising the details and dimensional stability of the impression
  • Exhibits the highest “fin” amongst other VPS materials.
  • Excellent flowability
  • Designed to be soft and easy to mix
  • Flexceed light body is more hydrophilic



*Storage - At room temperature (15-25 degrees celsius). Avoid direct sunlight



Video url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-keGMbCHC2A

 Image reference: https://www.gcindiadental.com/products/impression-making/flexceed/


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