GC 9 Gold

Luting and lining ionomers are used to seal the gap between the tooth and the restorative.


The main purpose of the luting agent is to cast restoration in fixed prosthodontics and to keep and to keep the prosthodontic bands in place. These cements create a molecular bonding with the tooth without any additional conditioner. It gives good strength, releases fluoride and low solubility with or acid erosion of the margins in an easy to use non-technique sensitive procedure.


GC Gold Label 9 is the high strength radiopaque posterior glass ionomer restorative. It has the properties of glass ionomers with physical properties to use for posterior teeth.


Advantages of GC Gold Label 9 -


  • Chemical adhesion to the tooth structure which gives minimal cavity preparation without the need for etching or bonding agents.
  • It does not shrink, hence allows single-step placement without layering.
  • Low marginal sealing stress because of the same thermal expansion.
  • Good radiopacity and snap-set characteristics because of the Strontium based fluoride.
  • Strontium based fluoride release also helps in internal remineralization within the tooth structure and in increasing surface strength.
  • 60% higher wear resistance as compared to other conventional glass ionomers.
  • Highly compressive.
  • High flexural strength.


Working Procedure -


  • Step 1

GC Dentin Conditioner can be used for the conditioning tooth surface. Postconditioning of the tooth apply the Gold Label 9 or Fuji IX GP in Capsule mixed accordingly into the cavity.

  • Step 2

Form the contour and place a matrix if required during the working time.

  • Step 3

When the material starts to lose the glossy appearance, coat the tooth with GC Cocoa Butter or GC Fuji Varnish or GC Fuji Coat LC to protect it from moisture.

  • Step 4

Finishing water spray can be carried out from the recommended times from the start of the mix.

  • Step 5

Apply a final coat of GC Fuji Varnish or GC Fuji Coat LC as a protective coating.

Indications of GC Gold Label 9 -

  • Class I and small Class II restorations in non-load bearing areas
  • Class I and Class II restorations in deciduous teeth
  • Transitional restorations
  • Base / Core build-ups

Time Settings -

  • Mixing Time - 30 secs
  • Working Time - 20 mins
  • Finishing Time Begins (from the start of mix) - 6min


* Mixing conditions at 23°C. Higher temperatures will shorten working time.



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