Flex R File Advantage

Flex R File was invented by Powell when he noticed that the straight stainless steel tips of the files could only increase the tendency of the transport or ledge and eventually to perforate curved canals at the outer wall which is a convex curvature of the canal.


It was then when Powell pointed out that the reduction of tip angle could help the file to focus on the original canal and could cut the edges or the sides evenly. This modification of the tip brought in the Flex R File.    


Advantages of Flex R Endodontic File:


  • Modified triangular file design
  • Less cross-section area hence more flexibility
  • Parabolic tip
  • Less canal transportation
  • Balanced force technique
  • Round tips have reduced procedural accidents
  • Less negative rake angle
  • Sharp files
  • Good control of strength and flexibility
  • Increased carrier effect
  • Anti-Clockwise rotary motion
  • Increased stiffness







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