External Oral Suction Unit

Importance of External Oral Suction Unit during COVID-19 outbreak

Everything can wait but health cannot. During the COVID-19 outbreak, where self-protection from the deadly virus has become the only motto, our doctors are working for us. Dentists are the ones who are more exposed to infection. They perform dental procedures and surgeries with splashes of blood and saliva which might lead to infection.


As per the safety measures announced by WHO, the dentists and the doctors are supposed to take all the protection in order to safeguard themselves from the virus. Dentists and the healthcare professionals who deal with the aerosol need to take more precautions while treating their patients. The dental clinic authorities are asked to follow the precautionary measures and timely disinfect their clinic and equipment to avoid the contamination of viruses and germs.

How Extraoral Suction Unit helps during COVID

During the dental procedure, the External Oral Suction Unit plays an important in controlling the spread of infection. The external oral suction unit has a wide opening towards the end of the tube which helps in preventing the risk or the flow of the infection. When dentists perform the surgery or treatment by using 3-ways syringes by using high and low-speed handpieces and other equipment that produces mist along with bacteria and aerosol. The external oral suction unit helps in removing the bacteria and the aerosol, hence preventing the cross-contamination between the dentist and the patient.


The external oral suction unit has a strong suction vacuum pressure and a large flow rate. The aerosol collected from the suction unit is first filtered by a primary filter and HEPA stainer and then it is sterilized by the UV rays. After the following filtration is done, it is discharged through a large amount of plasma sterilization and purification.


Advantages of External Oral Suction unit in Dental Procedures

  • While working on fillings and amalgams removal, the procedure involves the release of contaminated vapours and microbiological contaminants that contain aerosol as well. The external oral suction unit is specially designed to disinfect the surrounding of the clinic by removing the toxic components and avoiding cross-contamination among the patient and dentist.
  • As the suction unit removes the external substances and secretions from the oral cavity there is no risk of choking and aspiration.
  • Most of the extraoral suction units work on the principle of HEPA i.e High-Efficiency Particulate Air which helps in tapping the harmful fine particle from the air.
  • The plasma sterilization of the extraoral suction unit makes it germ-free and absolutely safe.
  • Patients feel more comfortable with the extraoral suction unit.
  • The portable external suction unit makes it easy to fit anywhere in the clinic.
  • The extraoral suction unit work as an air sterilizer as well as an air purifier in the operational area.


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