Endomotors Apex Locators

Best Match Made in Dentistry! Endomotors & Apex Locators

The contribution of Endo motors and Apex Locators into Endodontics is one of the best things happened in dentistry.

Performing Root Canal Treatment has been everyone’s cup of tea after the invention of Endomotors and Apex Locators.


Endomotors are used for endodontic procedures as the files can be used mechanically and be driven with the help of the motor. It helps in the preparation of endodontic canals. Endo motors have a central body, a micro motor, and a Contra Angulo to which files are attached. Some of the endo motors also have a pedal to operate it with the foot.


Apex Locators are the devices used to track the apical foramen’s position and the length of the root canal. It is also used to measure the impedance, frequency, and resistance of the surrounding material to discover the working length of the canal.


Working of Endomotor & Apex Locator:

Generally, all the Endomotors have their own endodontic files so it is always advised to use the motor and file system of the same brand. However, one can use any file system (except reciprocal file system)  with any brand of endomotor. 

As all the endomotors have their programs installed earlier itself so they clear it out then in there if other brand files can be used or not.

Endomotors are available in two variations like Wireless or with a Pedal. So it is up to the dentist which is more comfortable for them.

Not all the endomotors have the facility of using all kinds of files. Few of endomotors do not have the provision of reciprocal files.  


Apex Locators helps in determining the extension of the canal so that the wastes, tissues, etc can be removed when the procedure is carried out. It reduces the pain and discomfort of the patient by correct calculation and optimal result.

The apex locator is connected to the electrical extension to determine the location of the apical foramen. Apex locators have two electrodes, one connected to the machine and the other connected to the patient’s body. The electric circuit completes when the instrument is inserted into the root canal in the apical direction and touches the periodontal tissues.


Characteristics of Endomotors & Apex Locators:

Endomotors allow the efficiency and safety of the preparation of the ducts. It also saves time that is invested in physically cleaning and preparing the canal. A good endomotor can save up to 50% of the time of the dentist.

RCT and Obturation usually take single sitting for the patients and anxiety of the patient to go through the procedure. When you have an endomotor and all you need to do is comfort your patient by pricking just once and the rest can be taken forward with the endomotor without any pain.


Determining the canal length could be a pain for all doctors, Apex Locator does that with ease.

Apex Locators are determined with generations such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation to measure the length of the canal.







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