Dentsply ProTaper Gold

Highlights on Dentsply ProTaper GOLD:

Dentsply ProTaper Gold system has the same features as that of other ProTaper universal series but a few of advancements are added to Dentsply ProTaper Gold files which makes them stand out of the box. The added betterment of metallurgy enhances heat treatment technology. The flexibility, improved cross-section and non-cutting tip design add more to the files.


ProTaper and its Advantages:


The advanced metallurgy for greater flexibility sets a new standard in performance for the ProTaper Gold. The advancement is clearly seen and felt with the files. Though the geometry is as same as other ProTaper, the flexibility of Dentsply ProTaper Gold has enhanced its work. The flexibility has set an upper end for the files as it is very necessary and important for all the finishing files for the challenging curves in the apical region.


The ProTaper Gold is developed by specialists for a patented, progressively tapered design for the improved cutting efficiency and safety.  


The simple and smooth tapered shapes and predictable performance with the best and enhanced metallurgy have made ProTaper Gold one of its kind.


The improved cross-section of ProTaper Gold with a convex triangular cross-section enhances the cutting action by decreasing rotational friction.


The non-cutting tip of the ProTaper Gold allows instruments to follow the canal securely. The flat area of the tip enhances the ability to reach the debris and soft tissues.


The ProTaper Gold’s flexibility has twice the resistance to that of ProTaper universal. 


The shorter handle of ProTaper Gold has increased the accessibility to the teeth.


The proprietary processing of the ProTaper Gold has increased the ease of following the canal curvature.


The Dentsply ProTaper Gold comes in various sizes with various taper %. The ProTaper Gold shaping files come in two sizes i.e S1, S2 with 2% and 4% taper.


Similarly, the finishing files have variant sizes and taper %. Those are F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 with taper % of 7%, 8%, 9%, 6% and 5%.


The accessory file comes in SX with 4% taper.



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