Dentsply IRM

Know more about Dentsply Intermediate Restorative Material (IRM)

Dentsply IMR is Intermediate Restorative Material used for intermediate restorations intended to remain in its place for a year time span. IMR is Zinc oxide-eugenol cement of a low-strength base used as a temporary cement filling. The powder of IMR is zinc oxide and the liquid is mainly eugenol with olive oil as a plasticizer. The eugenol and the zinc oxide gives the material a sedative-like quality over the hyper-sensitive tooth pulp and forms a good base under the restorative materials. Dentsply IMR acts as a good thermal insulator as well. This material exhibits high dimensional stability and low solubility and is an abrasion-resistant.


IMR gains its strength from the zinc phosphate cement. It has good sealing properties. They are also available in capsules or in powder liquid hand-mix delivery. They are available in an ivory shade.


Dentsply IMR is used for Class I and II restorations. It is used under the cement which doesn’t contain resins such as amalgamators, inlays or onlays.


The softer mix of IRM provides a better sealing ability due to the hydrolysis and release of eugenol. Dentsply IRM is the least irritating among all the dental cement and has an abundant effect on exposed dentine.


The IRM Dentsply’s powder and liquid acts as base and catalyst.


Dentsply IRM is easy for manipulation and is radio-opaque. It has minimal staining with low time setting and good sealing power.    


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