Dentsply GP and PP

Dentsply GP & PP: Things you need to know:

Dentsply Gutta-Percha Points are made up of the latex from the Malaysian trees which resemble rubber but has more resin in it. It contains 20% of gutta-percha matrix, 11% of radiopacifier, 3% of waxes and 66% of zinc oxide. The GP points are used to fill canals, following shape and cleaning during root canal treatments. These GP points are heated and then compressed into the canals. Dentsply GP points come in various sizes to fit the different sizes of the canal. GP points are most extensively used for filling root canals for years.


Dentsply GP points are biocompatible, high in dimensional stability, ductile and malleable, easy for handling and can be removed when required. These GP points are made in both alpha and beta forms.


GP points for all the files come either in percentage or in points which could either be like in 2%, 4% and 6%. Dentsply GP points have better flow and heat up to 4mm beyond the heat source. It enhances the patient’s safety and is convenient for greater stability, easy identification and handling.


Dentsply Paper Points are used to eliminate the moisture from the root canal during the root canal procedures. The Dentsply Paper Points are highly absorbent and shaped to easily fit into any size of the canal. The paper points should be sterilized properly before use to make sure the moisture is soaked in properly and it can be removed easily as well.


Dentsply Paper Points are available in monochrome white colour in order to avoid tooth darkening. The paper points are hand-rolled and are specially designed to match the tapered shapes. Dentsply Paper Points have a reliable insertion down to the apex.


Dentsply Paper Points come in different colour code for different taper sizes.       

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