Dental Sealant

Facts about Dental Sealants, it’s usage, & its application:

Dental Sealants are thin, plastic coatings that help in sealing the deep pits, which are especially found on the molars and premolars.

The deep pits on the molars and premolars which are the chewing teeth play a major role in chewing the food, are one of those that are more prone to get a cavity or get decayed. In cases like these, the dental sealants help in lowering the risk of tooth cavity or sensitivity.


  • The reasons for the cavities could be wrong brushing/cleaning techniques, acidic & sugary diets.


Dental Sealants are generally used on the permanent teeth i.e on the adults and not on the baby/milk teeth. However, a few pediatric dentists use them on the kids to prevent tooth decay.


Dental Sealants could probably last for 3-10 yrs or more than that depending upon the way you take care of your teeth. For the patients who are heavy on the sugary and acidic diet, having acid reflux or then to clench or grind their teeth, the sealants could wear out a bit early.

Usage of Dental Sealants:

Sensitivity and prevention of tooth cavity are some of the most important usages of the dental sealants.

Dental Sealants are also being used for people with high acid reflux, people who take in high-processed food which is harmful to teeth.


Sealants are usually used on the small cavities to prevent the exaggeration of the cavities. However, it is always advised to clean and treat the tooth cavity before applying the sealant on it.

While dental sealants are on, the patients are advised to keep a check on their diet too, as it sealants may stain or pop-out while intake of stick food.


Application of Dental Sealants:


Clean the tooth, remove all the plaque formation, and examine if the tooth has any cavity or decay.


Clean the tooth and dry it with absorbent material to make sure the oral cavity is dry throughout the procedure. One may use a rubber dam as well. The tooth should be dry to make from all the saliva to make sure there is no contamination.


Apply an etch agent in order to improve the bonding of the sealant material. Rinse off the etchant after some time and dry the surface.


Apply a thin layer of bonding agent before applying your choice of a dental sealant. Apply the sealant on the tooth surface.


Use a curing light to harden the dental sealant.


Food that helps in building strong teeth:

Your body shows what you eat, to make healthy teeth you need to eat healthy food:

  • High protein content
  • Vitamins
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Calcium-rich food
  • Fiber and healthy fats


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