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About VitalTicks!

VitalTicks is the company into several healthcare verticals like integrated E-Commerce website for all kinds of dental products where dentists can buy their favourite dental clinic products, patient management software for the healthcare industry. Having twenty years of experience in dentistry we know where the loopholes lie in the dental industry. So we have come up with one stop solution for dental clinic setup i.e dental clinic set up consulting service. We also help dentists to increase their business by providing digital marketing service by helping them being visible in the online market as patients surf for best dental clinic online.

Starting from the Dental clinical set Up Consulting Service to dealing, supplying & Manufacturing of Dental Products, Vitalticks is the complete one stop solution for Dental Clinic needs Equipment, Instruments & components. VitalTicks have their own ECommerce website as VitalTicks.in where, from minor equipment to the major ones are just a click away with cent percent of authorization. VitalTicks also makes sure that the products or the equipment are in the affordable range with various offers and in the best prices.
VitalTicks has introduced a software application to upgrade to digital dentistry for a smart clinic. From inventory management followed by patient management to chair control, medication report to lab tests till billing could be handled with just a tap. The smart device would be helpful for both patients as well as dentists.

VitalTicks doesn’t not only aim at being on the top of the list of suppliers, dealers and manufacturers rather we also aim at making an ease for both dentists and patients to meet their expectations and necessities.

VitalTicks works hard to maintain the transparency among the buyers and the sellers with the very visible network with the proper information for the buyers.Clients satisfaction is our motto. VitalTicks works hard for the growth of the dentist and flawless supply for every dentist’s need.

It was 2016 when we began VitalTicks. Taking baby-steps was not easy, though we kept going on until it satisfied us to our souls. Just as the saying goes, “Success has no SHORTCUTS”, to some extent it was very true on our part. We started VitalTicks with dental instruments in a bag. It was tough for us moving around with a bag explaining dentists the perks of adding VitalTicks to their family! 

Eventually, our hard work started paying off, from bags we switched to a vehicle. Yes, it was then we knew where we head to and where we are meant to be. Destiny was on our favour. We established our very first office in 2017. Since then we have never turned back.

Expanding our family was not an easy task, we organized one day CDE programs with a live patient demo with Integrated Dental Missions. It was then when VitalTicks gained its glory. Our family is expanding and we welcome everyone with lots of love and trust. We are not only limited to Bangalore rather we have moved to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu as well. We aim to reach out to the whole of India. VitalTicks did not limit itself only as dealers and suppliers. It’s been 2 yrs now that we are manufacturing Dental chairs. This ultimately leads us to https://vitalticks.in/ and http://vitalticks.com/. VitalTicks the dealer, supplier, and manufacturer of dental equipment.

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Mr. Pavan Kumar D (Director)
Director at Vitalticks
Mr. Soma S Dhavala ( Director)
Dr. K M Bhasha (Director)

In VitalTicks we bring in a cocoon phase for everyone who adds up to our family. Working with VitalTicks will bring in an amazing change just like a butterfly and you just fly towards endeavors. We are the change that public talks about. If you are someone who loves doing things out of the box, VitalTicks is just the right place for you!  People from sales, web technology, operations and strategy would suit us well! We would love to discuss our work with you. Let’s learn from each other and grow together

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