Digital Marketing Service For Dental Clinics

Social Media Marketing is the best way to increase the patients’ list. It helps in tracking the patients from across places. Social Media Marketing helps in reputation management as well. The main platforms for Social Media Marketing are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is not just enough to make a page in the social networks, one has to stimulate good conversation with the visitors. Regular and effective replies to customer queries also play a vital part in maintaining the reputation of the page. One has to participate and be active on social media about the campaigns, ads, offers, tips for the patients, etc. to be short and precise, the page must have frequent posts which deal with patients personally and not clinically.

Putting testimonials from happy patients and generating reviews could help more in attracting the crowd.

Search Engine Marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising is another profitable way of reaching out to your patients. In the case of Pay Per Click, there are strategies to be followed. For PPC it is necessary to follow the keywords and phrases which is specifically for dentistry or any desired company. So when the patient writes for anything related to that your practice and services may help them to reach you or vice versa.

Search Engine Optimization is basically about optimizing your brand so that whenever someone searches for anything related to dental care or dentistry your brand is at the top of the search engine. With proper SEO tactics, it is easy for you to reach the local people and it is easy for them to track you when they search for it. Being the first to reach them with just a tap, is no harm.

Content Marketing is an important part of digital marketing. Customers always search for proper information be it on the website or on social media pages. There has to be some effective content in the pages in order to attract people. Frequent blogs and on-trending blogs with major issues or some pro tips could add an extra point for your brand.

One may also include the services, plan offers and few details about your staff could help them feel more secure to visit you. One can also go ahead with sponsored content as well. Videos from your patients, from the dentist himself, would be effective on the part of the viewer and to move ahead with trust and confidence.

Conversion optimization helps in increasing you mere visitors to become your paid customers or patients. In this case the website works very hard for your branding and making your marketing more effective online.
As a result when most of the patients who visit your website and facebook pages they contact you, hence making your investment profitabl

VitalTicks is up for a complete dental solution. Starting from the dental set up to promotion of your clinic, we are here for everything. VitalTicks has a flair of digital marketing as well.

Our dental service is not only limited till setting up your dental clinic, but we also help in making out campaigns, set up marketing strategies which eventually come out with optimal results for your dental. VitalTicks takes care of your requirements according to the change of internet needs and demands.

While you think of digitizing your clinic we are already set up with the pro-plan to make it to 100% for our clients. Rich optimization with extra-ordinary content added up by digital marketing, we help everything and in every mini step towards your success.

For our help do contact us for future discussion. We make sure our clients and dentists are happy and smiling as they put up in keeping others smile intact.

You care for others, we care for you.



In this digitizing world to reach the public the only and the best way would be the Internet. As the number of techno savvies is growing rapidly reaching out to a huge mass has become easy yet competitive.

In today’s world if you do not promote your company in any kind of social media then for sure you are lacking behind on a major part. It is very necessary that your company has its name in a search engine. Digital Marketing is still in the adoption level where people are not open for it yet.

But for a Dentist with a clinic taking up digital marketing is as important as having a good number of patients in the queue. Or we can say digital marketing would serve the dentist with a good number of patient list. It is necessary to make people realize that with you they have a pain free treatment with the best follow up schedule. It attracts customers when the dentist reach out to them when necessary. Just tap and the appointment or dentist is available

Digitize Your Dentistry!

While 80 – 90% of people own a smartphone and being immersed in it, it is not surprising to go ahead with some internet research before an individual directly going ahead for an appointment. Gone are those days when people read/learnt about something on radio and newspaper. Technology has made things fast and vigorous people get news in 0.1sec in their mobile or read and learn it from Spotify and Pandora.

People even make healthcare decisions online. It has become a part of people’s lives that they surf for everything they need on the internet first and then move ahead with it.

Digital Marketing helps in establishing a relationship, attract new clients and branding. The best way to take a lead is being on the top of the Search Engine Optimization, being active on Social Media Platforms, having an extra-ordinary Content Marketing, PPC and Google Ads and Web Design.


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